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Monday, September 16th


Warmup #6


     Take 10 Minutes and Find a heavy 2 Rep Touch and Go squat clean.



Squat cleans (135/95)

Dips (Rings or Station)

Midline: 3xME plank

Friday, September 13th


    Warmup #6


  5x3 Thruster (Get Heavy!)


5 Muscle Ups

Then 4RFT

5 Thruster (135/95)

10 C2B Pull Ups

5 Bar Over Burpees


5 Muscle Ups

Sub MU 3 dips, 3 pull ups


Wednesday, September 11th

As you know, today marks the 12th anniversary of the most heinous attacks to take place on American soil.  To commemorate the 2,977 victims of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and flight 93 we will be doing a special workout. So go hard and remember those who have sacrificed so we can do what we love.

warm up:



2001m run or row

11 box jump (30/24)

11 slam balls (AHAP)

11 dips

11 power clean (175/115)


11 kettbell swings (2/1.5)

11 toes 2 bar

11 dead lift (175/115)

11 push jerks (135/95)

2001m run or row -- if you ran at the beginning then row and vice versa

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